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Ford Other Models - Half Set

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Ford Other Models - Half Set

Half Set - Front, Back and Steering Wheel

⚠️ WARNING ⚠️ Please make sure that your measurements are correct and in millimetres (mm) as per the sample image below.

Gel Badges Australia will not be responsible for mistakes made by the customer regarding measurements. Please make sure that your measurements cover all the BLUE part of the Ford badge. DO NOT include the silver chrome edging - our badges cannot cover the silver chrome edges of the badge as the radius is too sharp for a badge to adhere to.


Please note that Chrome, Gold, Silver, Bronze and Reflective have an additional charge which is added to your cart at checkout.

Colours printed on Gold, Silver and Bronze may not be a 100% colour match due to the nature of the material.

View our Colour Choices page for examples of different colour combinations.

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